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Shifting Paradigm Consulting

How do you define and implement the strategies that will move your business to success? How do you lead and manage an organization in times of change? How do you create a learning organization and empower everyone to become co-leaders in a self-organizing system?

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To inspire people and organizations to move beyond existing borders and beliefs, with courage and ability to develop and transform – every day



A world where every single person is appreciated, knowing they make a difference. Conscious individuals and organizations in co-creation, always moving forward to make the impossible possible.

To Shift Paradigm

All organizations and people have unconscious mental limitations and beliefs that limits the degree of development. As long as these beliefs and attitudes remains unconscious, they will control our lives, affect the culture of the organization and give results that are in line with these limitations. Organizations that succeed in moving beyond their limitations will develop, become attractive as employers and increase profitability.


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